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Town Board set to vote on special permit for new commercial solar facility in Calverton

by Nov 30, 2020
The approval of a new 22.9 megawatt solar energy facility on 198 acres in Calverton is on the town board’s agenda tomorrow.

Public hearing on new Calverton solar facility permit becomes extended town board discussion

by Oct 22, 2020
Most of the comments, questions and discussion that took place during the hearing, which lasted more than an hour and forty minutes, was among town board members, town staff and representatives of the applicant.

Riverhead officials seek moratorium on new commercial solar facilities

by Aug 13, 2020
Riverhead Town is considering a 12-month moratorium on new commercial solar energy production facilities. The moratorium would not affect the two applications for major solar production facilities currently pending for some 488 acres of land in Calverton.

Lights out for new solar farm?

by Nov 21, 2019
A board majority that last week sought to move the L.I. Solar Generation application forward without additional environmental review has crumbled, as Councilman Tim Hubbard has decided 'enough is enough' for solar facilities in Riverhead.

Tempers flare at special meeting called to pass solar farm resolution, then board tables it

by Nov 14, 2019
During a special meeting marred by confusion and much contention, the town board decided to table a resolution that would end environmental review of a new 22.9-megawatt solar farm in Calverton.

New solar facility proposed for 198 acres in Calverton

by May 9, 2019
The new solar farm would be the fifth commercial solar generating facility in the hamlet of Calverton.