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Nitrogen reduction

Suffolk lawmakers set to vote on requiring advanced septic systems for new construction

New homes built in unsewered areas of Suffolk County next year will be required to have innovative nitrogen-reducing wastewater systems rather than traditional septic systems as of next July, if a proposed amendment to the Sanitary Code is approved by county legislators.

IRS says Suffolk’s septic grants are taxable income to homeowners

In response to a request from Suffolk County Comptroller John Kennedy, the IRS issued a ruling that homeowners who have received grant funding to install advanced septic systems must pay federal income tax on the grant money.

Turf management class for landscapers to be offered online next year

County Executive Steve Bellone announced the development of the online class, which will be ready for 2017. Licensed landscape contractors in Suffolk have been required to complete the turf management course under a 2007 law mandating the reduction of fertilizer use in Suffolk.