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Peconic River Sportsman’s Club

Peconic River Sportsman’s Club raises $51,000 for local breast cancer charities

by Jan 3, 2023
The Peconic River Sportsman's Club in Calverton raised $51,000 for breast cancer charities this year and awarded three organizations, including the North Fork Breast Health Coalition, $17,000 each during a luncheon at the club last month.

North Fork Breast Health Coalition’s Pink Pearl Gala to honor Keri Stromski and Peconic River Sportsman’s Club

by Mar 12, 2022
The annual gala will take place at East Wind caterers on April 8. Honorees this year are Keri Stromski, who will posthumously receive the inaugural Medal of Valor and Peconic River Sportsman's Club, which will receive the community spirit award.

Man airlifted after accidental gunshot wound at Calverton hunting club

by Nov 8, 2015
A 62-year old man was accidentally shot in the leg at the Peconic River Sportsman's Club in Calverton, when another man's gun accidentally discharged as he was cleaning it.