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Riverhead Youth Coalition

CAP Youth Coalition cleans up local beaches during environmental scan event

More than half of the litter collected at Reeves Beach — 18 out of 35 pounds — was discarded alcohol products like beer cans, bottles and alcohol products that appeal to youth, the coalition said. Substance use at local parks and beaches are illegal in Riverhead.

CAP Youth Coalition urges town board to focus marijuana efforts on youth prevention

Riverhead Town looks to Riverhead CAP Youth Coalition for assistance to help prevent marijuana use by the community's youth.

Riverhead students take a stand against substance abuse

Riverhead High School and Middle School students belonging to the Riverhead Youth Coalition recently presented their substance abuse program to an audience of substance abuse professionals.

Riverhead Youth Coalition delivers sobering data about underage drinking

The mood on the Riverhead Town Board dais went from whimsical to serious last night as members of the Riverhead Youth Coalition presented the board with statistics that were inescapably sobering.