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On Monday, Feb. 24 at 10 a.m., legislators on the Environment, Parks and Agriculture Committee will hear a presentation by Cornell Cooperative Extension on its scallop program, stormwater program, and agricultural stewardship program.

Legislators will consider authorizing the acquisition of farmland development rights under the New Suffolk County 1⁄4% Drinking Water Protection Program for the Brian F. Gajeski 1.6-acre property (Gajeski Produce) for a total purchase price of $145,000; for 7.5+ acres on Sound Avenue owned by Felix Gajeski, Jr. and William Gajeski for $450,000; and for the Brian F. Gajeski and the Deborah L. Lukins 1.5-acre property for $147,500.

Legislators will also consider authorizing the appraisal of the following local properties for possible purchase under the Suffolk County Drinking Water Protection program:

  • Cherry Creek and Woods at Cherry Creek, Reeves Avenue, Riverhead
  • Garden of Eve Farm, Sound Avenue and Pennys Road, Northville.

At 1 p.m., the Veterans and Consumer Affairs Committee members will consider Legislator Susan A. Berland’s proposal to designate June 12 as “Women Veterans Appreciation Day” in Suffolk County.

Also on Monday, at 2 p.m. legislators on the Public Works, Transportation and Energy Committee will consider confirming the appointment of Joseph Brown of Huntington as Commissioner of the Department of Public Works. Brown currently works as Regional Director for the Long Island Region for the New York State Department of Transportation. He would replace Gil Anderson, who retired in September 2018.

On Tuesday, Feb. 25, legislators on the Seniors and Human Services Committee will meet at 10:30 a.m. to hear a presentation by Amy Angelone, who will provide an overview of the services provided by Response Crisis Center.

Then at 11:30 a.m., a new committee, the Fire, Rescue and Emergency Medical Services and Emergency Preparedness Committee will convene to hear a presentation from Suffolk County Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services Commissioner John Jordan.

On Wednesday, Feb. 26, legislators on the Government Operations, Personnel, Information Technology and Diversity Committee at 10 a.m. will consider establishing a civil service examination application fee waiver policy for individuals enrolled in the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office Explorers program, which is for residents between the ages of 14 and 21 who are interested in careers in law enforcement and government service.

Legislators will also weigh authorizing the County Executive to execute an agreement with the Suffolk County Deputy Sheriffs Police Benevolent Association covering the terms of employment from Jan. 1, 2019 through Dec. 31, 2024.

Then at 12:30 p.m., the Education & Labor Committee members will consider confirming the appointment of Rosalie Drago, of Sayville, as the Commissioner of the Suffolk County Department of Labor, Licensing and Consumer Affairs. She currently works as the Long Island Regional Director of the Workforce Development Institute, where she has worked since 2014. She also participates in the LI Regional Economic Development Council Workforce and serves on the Suffolk County Manufacturing Task Force. She would succeed Frank Nardelli, who retired from the post at the end of January.

On Thursday, Feb. 27 at 9:30 a.m., legislators on the Public Safety Committee will consider a proposal by Legislator Samuel Gonzalez to direct the Sheriff’s Office to post signage outside of interview rooms informing individuals of their rights.

Then at 12:30 p.m., the Ways and Means Committee members will consider appropriating $250,000 for facility improvements at the Traffic & Parking Violations Agency, as well as Legislator Rob Trotta’s proposal to limit campaign contributions from county contractors and public employee unions.

Then at 2 p.m., the Health Committee members will consider two proposals related to limiting smoking in buildings with multiple dwelling units. Legislator Gonzalez’s proposal would ban smoking altogether while Legislator Tom Cilmi’s proposal would prohibit smoking on balconies or patios. Smoking is already prohibited in common areas of multiple-dwelling buildings and within 50 feet of a multiple-dwelling building. Legislators will also hear a presentation by Michelle Virga of the Neighborhood House on the organization’s services addressing suicide and substance abuse.

Resolutions that are passed out of committees will be up for consideration by the full legislature o Tuesday, March 3. All committee meetings will be held at the Evans K. Griffing Building, located at 300 Center Drive in Riverhead. Live videostreams of the meetings will be available at

Additionally, the following resolutions are among several that will be tabled in committee next week in consideration of public hearings on the issues to be held at the March 3 general meeting:

  • increasing sewer funding by reallocating 32.15% of the revenue received under the drinking water protection program, sponsored by Legislator Rob Trotta (IR 1986);
  • establishing an Independent Office of Inspector General, also sponsored by Trotta (IR 1099);
  • requiring that contractors doing work on a property that abuts county parkland complete an affidavit confirming that the work is solely within the bounds of the private property, proposed by Deputy Presiding Officer Kara Hahn (IR 1022);
  • expressly requiring that Suffolk County correctional facilities meet language access requirements, sponsored by Legislator Samuel Gonzalez (IR 1016);
  • prohibiting employers in Suffolk County from inquiring about a job applicant’s prior criminal convictions during the application process, sponsored by Legislator Susan Berland (IR 1072); and
  • putting forward a mandatory referendum to change the current term of office for Suffolk County legislators from two years to four years, sponsored by Gonzalez (IR 1023).

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