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Suffolk County Legislature

Blasts Democratic legislators who voted to kill county’s public campaign finance program

Legislators Al Krupski and Tom Donnelly joined Republicans in vote against the county's public campaign finance program. Voters deserve to know why.

Bellone vetoes Democrats’ redistricting plan

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone has vetoed the controversial redistricting plan adopted by Democratic legislators on Dec. 31, just before they lost majority control of the county legislature.

Suffolk’s new presiding officer moves to rescind Democrats’ redistricting plan

Newly elected Presiding Officer Kevin McCaffrey wasted no time in moving to undo the bitterly contested redistricting plan pushed through by the outgoing Democratic majority at a special meeting on New Year’s Eve.

In party-line vote Democratic legislators pass redistricting plan on last day in power

In a straight party-line vote at a special meeting on the last day of the year, Suffolk County legislators this morning approved a controversial redistricting plan prepared by Democrats and vehemently opposed by Republicans.

Yes, this redistricting plan is a ‘naked power grab’ by county Dems

We’ve watched, at first with bewilderment, and then with outrage, the ongoing efforts of the county legislature’s Democratic caucus to redraw district...

Democratic legislators intent on moving forward with Suffolk redistricting plan on their last day in power

After winning another stay in the Appellate Division, Suffolk County Democrats will try one last time to adopt their bitterly contested legislative redistricting plan at a special meeting of the county legislature on Friday — the last day the party will have majority control of the legislature.

Court again slaps down Suffolk Democrats’ redistricting gambit

Democratic county legislators tried again today to adopt their own redistricting plan before losing majority control of the legislature on Jan. 1. But a court order again blocked their effort.

County legislature OKs social services office move to former Kmart building

County legislators yesterday authorized a 20-year lease of 38,555 square feet of the vacant former Kmart store on Route 58. The Department of Social Services will relocate there from its current space on East Main Street.

Court order halts Suffolk Democrats’ reapportionment plan

Suffolk Democrats' legislative reapportionment plans hit a wall, as a State Supreme Court judge yesterday granted Republicans' request for an injunction.

Suffolk County politics: Oh, what a tangled web

While most people are blisslully oblivious, political power brokers are hard at work in an underhanded and illegal effort to grab power from the jaws of defeat in last month's election.