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Black Lives Matter

Protest rally set outside Riverhead Town Hall today

The police response to rioters in the Capitol on Wednesday shows white privilege in action, according to an organizer of today's protest rally in Riverhead. "There’s different rules for us Black folk," said Robert Ray.

‘Caravan for Justice’ protesting police brutality stops in Riverhead Sunday night

Horns blaring, flags waving and “baby Trump” balloons bobbing in the breeze, a Black Lives Matter “caravan for justice” came through Riverhead last night, stopping for a brief demonstration in a Route 58 parking lot before heading east to Greenport.

Protest caravan to stop in Riverhead Sunday afternoon

A caravan organized to protest police brutality will stretch from Bay Shore to Greenport tomorrow afternoon, stopping in the Gala Fresh parking lot on Route 58.

Outdoor exhibit at Riverhead church provokes reflection and questions

The evening was a stark and moving reminder that at the center of every tragedy that makes the news, there is a person — a person with a family, a person with dreams and aspirations, fears and inhibitions.

‘We should not forget’: These lives mattered

Symbolic headstones have been placed on the front lawn of First Baptist Church of Riverhead, beneath a sign that states simply, “WE SHOULD NOT FORGET.” There will be a memorial service at the site on Oct. 1 beginning at 6 p.m.

Zeldin introduces resolution urging creation of law enforcement ‘bill of rights’

Denouncing calls to defund the police, Rep. Lee Zeldin sponsors a House resolution urging states to adopt a law enforcement 'bill of rights.'

Celebrating Juneteenth with a protest march in Riverhead

Riverhead Charter School students and their families marched with teachers, school administrators and board members in downtown Riverhead today, commemorating Juneteenth and demanding justice for black Americans.

We need trust, not barriers

When a white man started an argument with protesters at the end of the Black Lives Matter protest Saturday, Riverhead police formed a barricade between him and the protesters, as if to protect him. Guest column by Lawrence Street.

In Riverhead, protesters demand racial justice and an end to police brutality

The chants of protesters filled the air on Route 58 in Riverhead yesterday, where more than 100 people lined the sidewalks just west of the traffic circle for a marathon demonstration against racism and police brutality in the United States.

All-day protest planned in Riverhead Saturday

A Riverhead couple is organizing a protest against police brutality in the United States, to take place Saturday from noon to 8 p.m. at the Route 58 traffic circle.