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Blue-green algae

Unchecked, nitrogen-fueled algal blooms spell environmental and economic disaster for Long Island

by Sep 16, 2018
Informed, wise and strong action is needed to reverse the trend of harmful algal blooms in Long Island waterways.

Health officials: Cyanobacteria bloom confirmed in Riverhead pond

by Sep 1, 2018
Blue-green algae has been found in South Merritts Pond in Riverhead, according to the Suffolk County Health Department, which on Aug. 31 reported blooms in several freshwater ponds across the county. Health officials urge residents not to use or swim or wade in these waters and to keep their pets and children away from the area.

Health officials: Cyanobacteria found in Calverton pond and Peconic River

by Aug 23, 2016
Health officials are warning residents to stay out of local waters where blue-green algae has been found. Sampling performed by Stony Brook University scientists has...

Cyanobacteria blooms found in Forge Pond and Peconic Lake; health officials warn residents to stay out of the water

by Jul 11, 2016
County health officials have issued a new warnings about cyanobacteria blooms in Suffolk water bodies after samples disclosed new toxic blooms.