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Suffolk cyberattack began months earlier than previously disclosed; full extent of data exposure still unknown, officials say

by Dec 23, 2022
Attackers used a known software vulnerability to access to the county clerk’s computer systems in December 2021. They installed malware and cryptocurrency mining software and stole sensitive data. Though their presence inside the network was first detected in June, the clerk's IT department fumbled its response and didn't inform the county’s central IT security officials of the breach, according to an independent investigator's report.

Bellone: Cyberattack breached county traffic agency, potentially exposing personal data of people issued moving violations over past decade

by Nov 25, 2022
Suffolk County, still struggling to recover from a cyberattack earlier this year in which hackers reportedly stole 4 terabytes of data from county computer systems, revealed for the first time Wednesday specific information about a large-scale breach of a county network.

County IT systems crippled, with websites, email down, five days after discovery of cyberattack

by Sep 13, 2022
Suffolk County’s information technology systems are still crippled due to a cyberattack having 'the hallmarks of ransomware' that county officials became aware of on Sept. 8.

School district explains response to potential exposure of staff and student personal information in cyberattack incident

by Apr 5, 2022
Riverhead school district said offering identity protection services to students and former students was "not warranted" based on the personal information that was potentially exposed.

School district offering identity protection services after December ransomware attack

by Mar 26, 2022
The Riverhead school district says it is offering identity protection services "out of an abundance of caution" since personal information, including names, addresses and Social Security numbers were "potentially exposed" in a Dec. 3 ransomware attack on the district.

Timely cybersecurity panel discussion set for Wednesday at Suffolk Theater

by May 14, 2017
Bridgehampton National Bank and the law firm of Campolo, Middleton and McCormick are presenting a cybersecurity business breakfast on Wednesday, May 17 at the Suffolk Theater in Riverhead.