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Denise Civiletti

Getting drivers licensed is in everybody’s best interests

by Apr 13, 2019
Allowing all residents to lawfully obtain a driver’s license will make our roads safer, reduce the number of unlicensed and uninsured drivers, reduce insurance premiums, add millions to the state treasury and cut enforcement and court costs.

Yes, racism is alive in Riverhead – and not just on Facebook

by Oct 16, 2017
Our town is run almost completely by white people. Our Facebook posts are filled with hateful comments about our black and Latino neighbors. Racism is alive and well in Riverhead, and to refuse to talk about it is a disservice not only to those who must live with it every day but to our whole community.

Before doing anything on Luminati, Riverhead has some work to do

by May 25, 2017
Right now, according to the rules adopted by town board resolution and currently in effect, a prospective buyer like Luminati is required to submit its proposal to an entity that was dissolved by the town 11 years ago.

‘Why did you have to write about that?’ Reporting local news is tough when someone you like and respect is arrested

by Feb 16, 2016
We don't enjoy reporting bad news, though people — despite what they say — love to read it. Crime reporting is fraught with difficulties, including, sometimes, grappling with your own emotions.

Civiletti: How I’m voting in the Riverhead supervisor’s race and why

by Oct 29, 2015
I’m doing something I’ve not done since my husband Peter and I launched RiverheadLOCAL in 2010: I’m disclosing who I’m voting for and why I’m going to vote that way.

Opinion: Medical marijuana controversy is a mess manufactured by dumb politics

by Sep 17, 2015
The medical marijuana controversy is a creature of dumb politics. Congress should reclassify the drug so it to can be prescribed by doctors and dispensed by regular pharmacies — and adequately researched and regulated. But no.
People wait in line to be scanned in the hallway outside the entrance to Riverhead Justice Court Monday. (RiverheadLOCAL photo by Denise Civiletti)

When no news isn’t good news: a question of fairness

by Nov 25, 2014
Simply reporting arrests Riverhead Police disclose to the media isn't enough, because it's not even half of the arrests made.