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Zeldin at the bottom of N.Y. congressional delegation on environmental group’s scorecard

The League of Conservation Voters' 2020 scorecard ranked the NY-01 representative at the bottom of New York's congressional delegation based on 21 votes taken last year on issues ranging from PFAS cleanup and air pollution to land conservation and renewable energy.

Where have all the bluefish gone?

Vanishing bluefish bring to mind the compelling metaphor on a grand scale of the canary in the coal mine. Common sense dictates that we act far more decisively with restraint, care and rationality as fish in the wild face their unprecedented peril.
Steve Bellone signs helium balloon release ban

Suffolk bill banning outdoor release of helium balloons is signed into law

In a ceremony at Cathedral Pines Park Friday afternoon, County Executive Steve Bellone signed legislation banning the intentional release of helium balloons. The county legislature unanimiously passed the bill last month.

Riverhead Town seeks volunteers for new environmental advisory committee

The new committee will "exchange ideas and implement strategies to form a long-term plan to create a more sustainable and greener community,” Supervisor Laura Jens-Smith said.

Urges support for federal carbon fee bill

The bill would decreases U.S. carbon emissions 33 percent over the next decade — and create over 2 million new jobs, lower health care costs and promote energy innovation.

Plastic pollution is overtaking Earth’s oceans — Can the crisis be reversed?

The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2050 there will be more plastics than fish in our oceans. Can anything be done to reverse this environmental crisis? Column by Karl Grossman

Brown tide, red tide … ant tide? Strange phenomenon on South Jamesport beach

Thousands of dead ants washed ashore at the town beach in South Jamesport last week. Experts could offer no clear explanation of why it happened.

Tree-huggers are onto something: How trees support life, reduce stress and increase property values

As much as the air we breathe, most of us take trees for granted. But the very air we breathe depends on trees. Some...

Federal plan to open coastline for oil and gas drilling draws bipartisan opposition

The draft plan would roll back Obama-era restrictions and allow offshore oil and gas exploration in nearly all U.S. territorial waters, except within a 25-nautical mile coastal buffer.

Our sole-source aquifer is not a limitless resource

Imagine the groundwater reservoir to be a balloon of a certain size and due to pumping of water and coastal discharge of the wastewater the size of the balloon lessens. Some significant things happen as a result.
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