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Fish kill

Worried about a possible fish kill, Riverhead may postpone its annual cardboard boat race until end of July

by Jun 9, 2016
Concern that the potential for another massive fish kill lingers, town officials discuss postponing for a month the annual cardboard boat race.

To avoid another massive fish kill in the Peconic, limits on bunker fishing lifted in New York after town supe’s request

by May 5, 2016
With unusually large numbers of bunker fish appearing in the Peconic River this spring, commercial fishermen will be allowed to net bunker in an effort to prevent the massive bunker kills seen last year, thanks to a ruling announced today by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission.

Nearly a month early, bunker appearing in large numbers in Peconic River

by Apr 4, 2016
Almost a year after the major fish kills in the Peconic Estuary last summer, bunker fish are being seen in large numbers in the river almost a month earlier than usual this spring.

Last summer’s massive fish kill was caused by algal blooms, too much nitrogen, study confirms

by Feb 5, 2016
About 300,000 bunker died of "mass asphyxiation" caused by nitrogen-fueled algal blooms in the Peconic River last summer, the study said.

Q&A: Why are the fish dying?

by Jun 16, 2015
A video Q&A explaining the bunker fish kills in western Flanders Bay and the Peconic River.

What to do with all the dead fish? Officials scramble for solutions in the wake of another fish kill

by Jun 15, 2015
“It’s totally disgusting,” said Joanne Tyte, who lives on Howell Lane on the Peconic River. “The smell is so bad that we can’t even go outside."