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Fred Thiele

Denise Civiletti Why I was kicked out of the LIRR’s closed-door meeting with public officials

Assemblyman Fred Thiele called an 'invitation' only, closed-door meeting of 'stakeholders' to discuss LIRR's East End service. Stakeholders, as defined by Thiele and the LIRR, don't include the public — taxpayers, riders or members of the press.

Trendy sea greens, the ‘new kale,’ will soon be cultivated in East End bays

Trendy sea greens, a hip source of nutrition — fat-free, gluten-free, low-calorie, rich in minerals, vitamins and taste — are soon to be 'grown on Long Island.'

Bill requiring election of LIPA trustees introduced by LaValle and Thiele

A bill that would require the election of LIPA trustees was introduced in the State Legislature yesterday by Sen. Ken LaValle and Assemblyman Fred Thiele.

Budgets approved by both State Senate and Assembly would dramatically increase funding to combat heroin epidemic

State lawmakers look to increase by up to 40 percent spending to combat the escalating heroin crisis in New York.

State education aid for the coming fiscal year: How do Riverhead and SWR fare under the governor’s proposal?

State education aid under Gov. Andrew Cuomo's executive budget is "inadequate" for Long Island, according to Assemblyman Fred Thiele, who is calling for the elimination of the gap elimination adjustment, a reduction in education aid instituted several years ago to help plug a state budget deficit, which has been wiped out.

Column: Why we must remember King and embrace his values

As we strive for criminal justice and education reforms in New York, as well as solutions to the widening opportunity gap between the wealthy and everyone else, it's important that we embrace his values and remember his legacy.

New law: real estate transfer tax money can be spent on water quality projects; voter approval still needed

The governor has signed a bill sponsored by Sen. Ken LaValle and Assemblyman Fred Thiele that would extend the community preservation fund through 2050 and allow towns to spend up to 20 percent of their CPF revenues on water quality projects. The measure must still be approved by voters.

Home energy assistance for low-income and elderly New Yorkers available beginning Nov. 16

Eligible households can receive a one-time benefit of up to $625 this winter depending upon income, household size and heating source.

LaValle and Thiele: Changes at Riverside trooper barracks ‘a step backwards’

Closing the barracks to the public will hamper crime fighting and revitalization efforts in Riverside, according to the state lawmakers, who are calling on the governor to recruit more state troopers.
2013 0725 surf casters fishermen

Federal grants aim to help fishing industry businesses hurt by Sandy

Local fishing industry businesses that took losses due to Super Storm Sandy will now have access to $3.6 million in grant funding being made...