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George Gabrielsen

Town cancels cardboard boat race for 2016 — angry event organizer reacts

Town officials say the organizers' 'hectic schedules' made picking new date impossible, but ex-councilman George Gabrielsen whose family powered the event since its founding six years ago, tells a different story.

Ending Riverhead’s ‘sanctuary city’ policy would violate Constitution, says civil liberties union official

Some Riverhead officials have recently advocated changing police policy regarding undocumented immigrants. But some of the changes they have in mind are not only costly and difficult to implement, but illegal, according to the director of a local civil liberties group.

Incumbent councilman stuns Republicans with late-night email announcing withdrawal from race

Riverhead Town Councilman George Gabrielsen announced decision not to seek re-election in late night letter that shocked party officials.

Councilman: planning board member ‘fired’ over ethics issues

Riverhead Councilman George Gabrielsen says longtime planning board member Lyle Wells was 'fired' over ethics concerns.

LIPA chooses four Calverton solar proposals, including one at EPCAL, among all-solar array of 11 projects

Riverhead Town will see rental revenues of more than a half-million dollars annually in a land lease or several million dollars in a sale in connection with a solar power plant proposal for the Calverton Enterprise Park selected by LIPA today.

Officials plan to install new playground equipment at Stotzky Park

Stotzky Park will get a new playground in time for next spring, if the Riverhead Town Board approves a proposal put together by Councilman George Gabrielsen and parks and recreation superintendent Raymond Coyne.