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Group for the East End

Tell County Legislature to let the people vote on water quality restoration fund

by Jul 21, 2023
Tuesday, July 25 is the County Legislature's last chance to vote to opt the water quality restoration fund on the November ballot. Group for the East End President Bob DeLuca urges residents to demand legislator's "let the voters decide."

The osprey’s return, a herald of spring, is a reminder ‘we canget it right’

by Apr 21, 2023
The osprey, a magnificent, once-endangered raptor, has made a comeback thanks to conservation efforts and the banning of the toxic chemical pesticide DDT. There are now about 550 nesting pairs of osprey on the East End of Long Island, where the birds return each spring to nest and breed.

New water quality fund and 1/8-cent sales tax hike eyed to address nitrogen pollution in Suffolk

by Feb 21, 2023
An extension of the Drinking Water Protection Program to 2060, with a 1/8-penny sales tax increase would provide $3.1 billion to reduce nitrogen pollution by funding replacement of conventional cesspools/septic systems with advanced onsite treatment systems.

We all know the game. We must take a stand now, or the place we love will soon be gone.

by Sep 8, 2022
Opinion: We are at the thin end of the wedge here on the East End and if we don’t make an unprecedented stand to protect the resources and character that define our region, it will be gone in a decade.

Riverhead Town officials consider formal opposition to offshore drilling plan

by Sep 4, 2018
Environmental advocates are urging local officials to register their opposition to a Trump administration plan to open more than 90 percent of the outer continental shelf to oil and gas exploration and drilling.

Group for the East End seeks volunteer birders

by Mar 27, 2017
The Group for the East End is looking for some volunteers to help with their Bird Feeder Watch program next week.

June events at Downs Farm Preserve

by May 28, 2016
The Group for the East End has some fun-for-the-whole-family events planned at Downs Farm Preserve in June. stock photo

Group for the East End’s 21st annual ‘Fauna-thon,’ May 21

by May 18, 2016
Looking for an opportunity to get outdoors this weekend? Join the Group for the North Fork's Fauna-thon.