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Ken LaValle

Budgets approved by both State Senate and Assembly would dramatically increase funding to combat heroin epidemic

by Mar 16, 2016
State lawmakers look to increase by up to 40 percent spending to combat the escalating heroin crisis in New York.

New law: real estate transfer tax money can be spent on water quality projects; voter approval still needed

by Dec 14, 2015
The governor has signed a bill sponsored by Sen. Ken LaValle and Assemblyman Fred Thiele that would extend the community preservation fund through 2050 and allow towns to spend up to 20 percent of their CPF revenues on water quality projects. The measure must still be approved by voters.

As a Health Republic subscriber after state directs ‘hold’ on payments, is my care covered or not?

by Nov 15, 2015
“This is, quite honestly, a bowl of spaghetti that’s congealed and you just have to unwind it," State Senator Ken LaValle told me Friday.

LaValle and Thiele: Changes at Riverside trooper barracks ‘a step backwards’

by Oct 23, 2015
Closing the barracks to the public will hamper crime fighting and revitalization efforts in Riverside, according to the state lawmakers, who are calling on the governor to recruit more state troopers.
Challenger Thomas Schiliro and incumbent Assemblyman Anthony Palumbo will debate on Sept. 29

Election ’14: Rundown of state legislative and county comptroller races, ballot propositions

by Nov 4, 2014
Synopsis of contests in the local races for Assembly, State Senate and Suffolk comptroller, plus explanation of the ballot propositions before voters Nov. 4.