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Laurie Downs

Leadership shuffle on Riverhead school board: Connelly elected president, Downs shifts to VP

The Riverhead Board of Education elected a new president at its organizational meeting for the 2022-2023 school year. Trustee Brian Connelly was named board president while immediate past-president Laurie Downs we elected vice president.

Riverhead Town is again late remitting school taxes to district, BOE president complains

The Riverhead Central School District, which last July filed a notice of claim against the town demanding remittance of school tax revenues, has again not received the full property tax remittance due on June 30.

Downs returned to school board president post, but board fails to agree on VP

The school board reappointed Laurie Downs as president but could not agree on a vice president last night. Trustees Brian Connelly and Colin Palmer were sworn in, as was the new Superintendent Dr. Augustine Tornatore.

Riverhead school budget revote set for July 28; Laurie Downs elected school board president

The school board voted unanimously to schedule the revote on July 28, the date established by Gov. Andrew Cuomo for school budget re-votes across the state.

Angry parents, board members clash over school district transparency issues

Angry words flew at the Board of Education meeting last night over the question of how much salary and other information should be provided to the public about employee salaries and credentials when the board is acting on personnel resolutions.

On the other side of the podium: board ‘watchdog’ Laurie Downs takes her seat

The Riverhead school board's newest member was uncharacteristically quiet through most of her first meeting as a district trustee.

No high school ‘shooting threat’ ever existed, police and school board say, but angry parents push back

“There was no threat made toward the school,” Riverhead Police Captain Richard Smith said in an interview today. “There were no shooting plans mentioned, nothing like that.”

School board: 20 district retirees honored, concerns about medical emergency treatment on buses

The school board honored 20 school district retirees last night and heard concerns from a school bus driver about the district's procedure for medical emergencies on buses.

School board recap: ‘swan song’ for meeting videographer volunteer

Volunteer videographer Laurie Downs puts away her camera after 15 years; McKillop Field will be ready for graduation ceremonies, superintendent says; board discusses staff training for EpiPens, Family Community Life Center; parent complaints about home instruction.

We should all respect each other’s right to express our opinions

Freedom of speech is a precious right. Why can't we just respect the right of others to exercise that right. Blog by Laurie Downs.