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Laurie Downs

No high school ‘shooting threat’ ever existed, police and school board say, but angry parents push back

by Jan 27, 2016
“There was no threat made toward the school,” Riverhead Police Captain Richard Smith said in an interview today. “There were no shooting plans mentioned, nothing like that.”

School board: 20 district retirees honored, concerns about medical emergency treatment on buses

by Jun 24, 2015
The school board honored 20 school district retirees last night and heard concerns from a school bus driver about the district's procedure for medical emergencies on buses.

School board recap: ‘swan song’ for meeting videographer volunteer

by Jun 10, 2015
Volunteer videographer Laurie Downs puts away her camera after 15 years; McKillop Field will be ready for graduation ceremonies, superintendent says; board discusses staff training for EpiPens, Family Community Life Center; parent complaints about home instruction.

‘Outraged’ at contract buyout, former candidate demands school board resignations

by Oct 15, 2014
Former school board candidate Laurie Downs blasted the Riverhead Board of Education for approving an administrators union contract that allowed former assistant superintendent Joe Ogeka to collect more than $376,000 in wages for the year after his retirement. Ogeka was the highest paid school administrator in NY last year, according to a report by an Albany think tank.