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Lee Zeldin

Zeldin launches campaign for governor

Rep. Lee Zeldin has officially launched his campaign for governor of the State of New York. The NY-01 congressman has been a vocal and persistent critic of the governor,

‘Cuomo’s hypocrisy knows no bounds’

Andrew Cuomo the attorney general would have used the full power of his voice and office to end Andrew Cuomo the governor.

Where was Zeldin’s outrage all along?

Anyone in New York State who believes Lee Zeldin to be a viable candidate to replace Andrew Cuomo should also consider the warning from Aesop, “A man is known by the company he keeps.”

Garcia’s ‘spin and falsehoods’ about Zeldin

Garcia pointing to former governor George Pataki as a model for Zeldin's path is based on magical thinking at best.

Zeldin for governor? County GOP chairman looks to draft congressman for statehouse run in ’22

Suffolk County Republican Chairman Jesse Garcia wants to draft Rep. Lee Zeldin to run for governor next year. Garcia says the four-term congressman is weighing his options.

Zeldin at the bottom of N.Y. congressional delegation on environmental group’s scorecard

The League of Conservation Voters' 2020 scorecard ranked the NY-01 representative at the bottom of New York's congressional delegation based on 21 votes taken last year on issues ranging from PFAS cleanup and air pollution to land conservation and renewable energy.

Twenty-two lawyers file ethics complaint against Zeldin in connection with presidential election

The complaint accuses the congressman of violating “the most fundamental ethics rules, including participating in frivolous litigation, making false statements regarding the presidential election, and committing, arguably, a criminal act that reflects on his trustworthiness.”

A united community demands public water in area near former Grumman site — but Navy shows no sign of budging

Local residents, environmental advocates and officials are “united” in their demand for the U.S. Navy to pay the cost of bringing public water to homes near the the former Grumman Aerospace manufacturing plant in Calverton. The Navy, however, is unimpressed.

Congressman nominates 30 to U.S. service acadmies

Several local students are among 30 applicants nominated by Rep. Lee Zeldin to the United States service academies.

Zeldin, in impeachment debate, decries partisan ‘double standards,’ thanks Trump

Rep. Lee Zeldin argued that the attack on the Capitol last week was "pre-planned" and not the result of the President's speech. He praised the President for doing "a lot to make America greater than ever."