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Lee Zeldin

Zeldin wins Republican primary race for governor

Rep. Lee Zeldin won the Republican nomination for governor in Tuesday’s primary election, cruising to victory with more than 44% of the vote cast in a field of four contenders.

No more ‘thoughts and prayers’

Opinion: No, gun control laws won’t prevent all gun violence. And yes, every mass shooter is by definition mentally ill. But focusing on one of these to the exclusion of the other is as effective as “thoughts and prayers” are for healing the hearts of grieving parents, siblings and other family members of the 19 little children and their teachers whose bodies were shredded by hundreds of rounds of bullets in a Texas classroom this week. It does next to nothing. And that's exactly what the gun lobby wants.

Rep. Lee Zeldin wins state Republican nod for governor at party convention

First Congressional District Rep. Lee Zeldin officially became the New York State Republican Party’s designated candidate for governor yesterday at its convention in Garden City.

Zeldin: Hochul must do more to expand COVID testing

Rep. Lee Zeldin and a number of New York State Republican officials today criticized the Hochul administration’s pandemic response, which Zeldin said has exhibited “utter incompetence.”

In the spirit of the season, let’s embrace unity

While more than a thousand local residents attended a soccer tournament at Stotzky Park to mourn, to heal and to bring our community together, Lee Zeldin attended an event across town designed to divide and demonize members of our community.

Zeldin announces leukemia diagnosis, treatment and ‘complete remission’

Rep. Lee Zeldin said in a statement yesterday he was diagnosed with early chronic myeloid leukemia in November and has since achieved complete remission through targeted drug therapy for the disease.

Zeldin blasts DOJ decision against probe into COVID-19 deaths in NY’s state-run nursing homes

The U.S. Justice Department has decided not to open a civil rights investigation into how government-run nursing homes in New York State responded to the COVID-19 crisis last year. The decision drew fire from Rep. Lee Zeldin, who called it a "gift" to Gov. Andrew Cuomo by the Biden Administration.

Zeldin is ‘presumed’ Republican nominee for governor after party’s statewide straw poll of leadership

Rep. Lee Zeldin is the “presumed gubernatorial nominee,” the New York State Republican Party chairman announced after the Suffolk congressman won 85% of the weighted vote in a GOP straw poll yesterday of Republican county chairpersons.

Constituent responds to Zeldin newsletter

Marianne Porcelli-White of Riverhead responds to Rep. Lee Zeldin's monthly recap newsletter.

Zeldin requests EPA funds to bring public water to homes near the former Grumman site in Calverton

Rep. Lee Zeldin has requested roughly $14 million in federal funds to assist the Riverhead Water District and the Suffolk County Water Authority to bring public water to homes near the former Grumman manufacturing facility in Calverton.