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Civil rights group sues Suffolk sheriff over ICE detentions

by Dec 11, 2017
The New York Civil Liberties Union filed suit against the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office today, arguing that the sheriff lacks authority under state law to honor detainer requests from Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Ending Riverhead’s ‘sanctuary city’ policy would violate Constitution, says civil liberties union official

by Aug 5, 2015
Some Riverhead officials have recently advocated changing police policy regarding undocumented immigrants. But some of the changes they have in mind are not only costly and difficult to implement, but illegal, according to the director of a local civil liberties group.

Transgender youth skip school rather than face discrimination, humiliation from educators and peers

by Jun 24, 2015
The N.Y. Civil Liberties Union is calling on the State Education Department to provide detailed guidance to public school districts on preventing transgender youths' discrimination and harassment by students and teachers.

State’s highest court rules local sex offender residency restrictions are preempted by state law

by Feb 24, 2015
The N.Y. Court of Appeals ruled last week that towns and counties cannot impose residency restrictions on registered sex offenders, as many, including Suffolk County and Riverhead Town, have done.