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‘It’s right on point:” N.Y. Court of Appeals ruling in Southampton sand mine case will help Riverhead battle Calverton mine expansion,...

by Feb 13, 2023
The state's highest court rejected the argument that mine owners have a constitutional right to mine their parcels to an indefinite depth.

State DEC poised to approve sand and gravel mining 89 feet into groundwater in Calverton

by Oct 27, 2020
Plans to dig a Calverton sand and gravel mine to a depth of 100 feet — 89 feet below the groundwater table — are advancing at the State Department of Environmental Conservation, to the dismay of Riverhead Town officials and community residents.

Report: Environmental factors linked to climate change very likely contributed to scallop die-off

by Mar 6, 2020
Warmer waters, new predators, and loss of eelgrass habitat affected the Peconic Bay scallop population, in addition to a new parasite infection, according to a report by the Peconic Estuary Partnership issued yesterday.
2013 1207 deer hunt

Hunting and trapping licenses now from DEC

by Aug 11, 2018
New York State hunting and trapping licenses for the 2018-19 season are now on sale by the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Health officials: Cyanobacteria found in Calverton pond and Peconic River

by Aug 23, 2016
Health officials are warning residents to stay out of local waters where blue-green algae has been found. Sampling performed by Stony Brook University scientists has...

Noxious invasive Giant Hogweed found in Riverhead; contact causes blisters, burns, long-term vision problems, state warns

by Jul 29, 2016
The invasive Giant Hogweed has been moving across New York state, and has now made its way to Riverhead.