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Oak Hills

Riverhead appeals court ruling that Oak Hills roads were made ‘public highways’ by 2015 Town Board resolutions

by Aug 10, 2023
Prior to the appeal, authorized by the Town Board last month, Riverhead Town spent more than half a million dollars in legal fees on the Oak Hills litigation over 6 years. Officials say the cost of complying with the trial court’s ruling would far exceed the legal costs of the appeal.

Dispute over taking on private roads as public highways gets personal

by Oct 31, 2017
There's no love lost between Town Supervisor Sean Walter and Highway Superintendent George Woodson, but their dispute over the town's responsibility for private roads continues to escalate.

‘Private roads’ dispute between highway supe and town board mushrooms

by Oct 5, 2017
Highway Superintendent George Woodson’s dispute with the town board over taking over as “highways by use” private roads in Baiting Hollow has expanded into a dispute over responsibility for the highway chief’s legal fees.

Highway superintendent says he may sue town board over vote to make private roads in Oak Hills public highways

by Sep 7, 2017
Following a town board vote yesterday to incorporate as town highways a dozen private roads in the Oak Hills community in Baiting Hollow, Highway Superintendent George Woodson said today he’s hiring an attorney and may sue the town board.

Baiting Hollow community sues to require town to maintain and repair its roads

by Sep 21, 2016
An ongoing dispute between a Baiting Hollow community and the Riverhead highway superintendent over responsibility for maintaining roads in the community has made its way to court.
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Riverhead’s private roads: town makes its list of roads to plow, but controversy over responsibility continues

by Jul 10, 2015
Which “private” roads in the Town of Riverhead will be plowed and maintained by the highway department was again the topic of discussion at...