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Skate park

Riverhead’s skate park in line for major overhaul if group’s fundraising effort meets its goal

by Sep 12, 2023
Family and friends of the late Wesley Dean Ackley are ramping up fundraising to completely renovate the skate park named in his memory at Stotzky Park.

Stotzky skate park named for Wesley Dean Ackley, who changed its future more than a decade ago

by May 22, 2023
Wesley Dean Ackley, the skateboarder who more than a decade ago changed the future of Riverhead’s skate park through the power of advocacy, was immortalized yesterday when Riverhead Town named the place where he spent much of his free time during his teenage years in his honor.

Vandalism temporarily closes town skate park: parks and rec superintendent says

by Jun 14, 2017
Vandals kicked in the door of a small building that used to house a park attendant two nights in a row.

New plan for skate park: reduced size will make way for pickleball courts and free up funds for other needed projects

by Jul 29, 2016
The money saved by consolidating the skate park into about half its current space will be spread around to different projects, including resurfacing the Horton Avenue basketball court.

Riverhead Town Board wrap: Riverhead (finally) finishes environmental review on EPCAL plan, OKs more $ for skate park

by Jul 20, 2016
Riverhead Town has completed a five-and-a-half-year environmental review process on a new development plan for its remaining property at the former Grumman facility in Calverton. The...