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Triple Five Ventures

Town board can’t agree on law firm for EPCAL contract review

A move by Riverhead Supervisor Laura Jens-Smith to hire a Garden City law firm to advise the town on its position in the Calverton land deal was shot down by the town board’s Republican majority today.

Luminati founder Preston skips ‘qualified and eligible sponsor’ hearing

Principals of Triple Five, his partner in the joint venture, sought to minimize Preston's importance in the project. "He has nothing to do — he has no say — he has no power, no nothing,” Triple Five chairman Nader Ghermezian stood up and told the board. Preston's longtime lawyer Robert Hasday blamed his client's absence on 'a hatchet job of an article' published on RiverheadLOCAL yesterday.

EPCAL sale contract made public in advance of next month’s hearing

The proposed contract of sale was filed in the town clerk's office for public review yesterday. Here's a rundown of its terms and a copy of the document filed in the clerk's office.