Donald Edgar (1961-1963), Donald Synder (1966-1968), Allan Wicklund,(1982_1990), Nancy Edgar Winkler (1992-1996), Joseph Hoffman Sr. (1998-2004), Mary Yarusso (1996-1998), John Cullen (2009-2014), Neil Krupnick (2014- Present) Courtesy photo: Mike McLaughlin

The Northville Beach Civic Association celebrated its 60th anniversary last weekend with its Ninth Annual Scholarship Cocktail Party.

The organization awarded scholarships to two area students heading off to college, selected based on their essays about life in Northville.

This year’s first place winner was Katy Rebecca Finn, daughter of Dave and Sandy Gruner. Katy is pursuing her master’s degree in Applied Theatre at C.U.N.Y. The second place winner was Patrick “Trey” Hiers, the godson of Charles D. Walters II. Patrick is attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and plans to double major in computer science and entrepreneurship.

The civic association raises scholarship money through raffles held at the party. In addition, the Riverhead Lions Club makes a generous donation to the scholarship fund every year, according to a press release from the organization.

The Northville Beach Civic Association also celebrated its 60th Anniversary at the party and gathered seven past presidents and the current president for a historic photo portrait taken by Northville Beach resident and award-winning photographer Mike McLaughlin.

Past president Donald Edgar (1961-1963) is the last surviving NBCA founder. The other presidents are:
Donald Synder (1966-1968)
Allan Wicklund (1982_1990)
Nancy Edgar Winkler (1992-1996)
Joseph Hoffman Sr. (1998-2004)
Mary Yarusso (1996-1998)
John Cullen (2009-2014)
Neil Krupnick (2014- Present)

According to the minutes from the NBCA’s first meeting, the Northville Beach Civic Association was organized in 1955 to “promote the residential and recreational facilities of the Northville Beaches” as well as “exercise, promote, and protect the privileges and interests of Northville in the Town of Riverhead, NY; to foster a healthy interest in the civic affairs of the community; and to develop good citizenship.”


Source: Northville Beach Civic Association press release

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