The Riverhead Board of Education at its Aug. 28 meeting. Photo: Denise Civiletti

As school opens on Wednesday, the Riverhead School District will have its security overseen by the fourth company in the last five years. Greg Meyer, a BOE Trustee, would have us believe the district is still searching for the right “fit.” As I once said to Chris Dorr, current BOE VP, “I see you’re still deceiving the community one member at a time,” I will say the same to you, Mr. Meyer.

Allow me to base my opinion on seven years’ experience with this completely dysfunctional board — with the exception of a few. I, too many times, witnessed personal agendas overrule common sense because the majority of the BOE were not meeting the needs of many (the children and taxpayers) over the needs of a few (themselves.)

For years BOE president Sue Koukounas, intentionally turned a dismissive, blind eye to the ever-growing issue of security and child safety within the district. She went as far as to say, “We’re not Brentwood so, we don’t need it.” Now suddenly the epiphany hits?

As far as Mr. Meyer’s comment “The district never enters into consulting contracts for terms longer than one year,” I’ve got to call Bravo Sierra (BS) on that one, Mr. Meyer! The reason one of the most well-respected security firms, Covert Investigations, did not renew their contract was because the district administration cowardly refused to give them the support they needed to carry out their responsibilities. That meant knocking a few employees off their high horses and directing them to merely follow instructions… and, let’s face it, that was too “uncomfortable” for some in the D.O. to risk upsetting the status-quo. That is the reason we lost Covert Investigations when they decided not to renew their contract with this district.

As far as MR Safety Consulting Corp “not being the right fit for the district,” again I say Bravo Sierra, Mr. Meyer! MR Safety is from Brentwood and has a 14-year stellar record. Let’s face it, Mr. Meyer, you and several others have privately denounced and now have publicly started to stroll down the path of denouncing anything from Brentwood.

With one final thought — you stated, “There are no plans for installing metal detectors in school buildings or arming faculty or staff with firearms.” If so, then why make the statement, “The district is partnering with the Riverhead Town Police Department to have a school resource officer on school grounds?” One would logically presume a police officer assigned to that position would be armed.

I look forward to reading the cast of characters that show up on future BOE agendas. Perhaps the fourth time in the past five years the district has changed security companies will be the magic “fit!”

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