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In the Riverhead school district, the teachers union calls the shots

by Oct 30, 2023
Former Riverhead school board member urges district residents to "wake up," arguing the teachers union is running the school district behind the scenes.

School board members must put aside personal agendas and work with our superintendent

by Nov 16, 2018
Personal agendas are getting in the way of good policy decisions for the children of our school district.

Former trustee: ‘Completely dysfunctional’ school board puts personal agendas over students and taxpayers

by Sep 4, 2018
Opinion column: Former board member Amelia Lantz takes school board members to task for not being straight with the public on the issue of school security and more.

Amelia Lantz: My moral compass still points true north

by May 8, 2018
Former school board member Amelia Lantz discusses why she resigned from the board last year — and why she's running again.