School board candidate Susan Koukounas speaking at the May 11 board of education meeting. Photo: Denise Civiletti

Why are you seeking election to the board of education?

To continue my work and support for our school district.

If elected, what will be your top three goals as a board member?

Continue to advocate for our district’s fair share in funding.
Continue to assess new housing/enrollment trends and calculate our spatial needs.
Continue to address the burden of the charter school.

What’s the best thing about Riverhead schools?

The number of opportunities we offer our students.

What needs the most improvement in Riverhead schools?

As always, we will continue to audit and evaluate all programs. l will promote ideas that enhance our services within the tax cap.

Do you favor the district asking voters to approve a revised capital construction plan to increase classroom capacity? If not, how should the district deal with overcrowded classrooms?

I do not foresee a revised capital construction plan. Committee members need to evaluate scheduling, foot traffic, room usage and capacities that are most favorable to our learning environments and community events.

Do you favor expanding foreign language offerings in Riverhead by adding one or more new languages to students?  

I am always in favor of expanding our course offerings.

What skills or abilities would you bring to the school board and how would you put these to work to improve how the board functions?

I bring nine years of board experience and understand the roles and responsibilities of a board trustee. Our board will improve through continued professional development and collaboration.

Do you favor continuing live-streaming school board meetings? Do you favor continuing remote comments/questions from residents?

Yes, it is great that residents can view and participate in our board meetings (from home) in real-time.

Have you accepted contributions, either financial or in-kind (such as accepting the donation of literature, signs, phone bank staffing, social media services, advertising, etc.) from any source?


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