To the Editor:

This “temporary” suspension is meaningless. (“Local history museums suspend executive directors,” Feb. 18.) It is not a reprimand when the offender gets to select what they consider appropriate punishment. “Berger volunteered to be suspended after she suggested the librarian who posted the newsletter be suspended.”

Street should not have commended her “courage, tenacity and sincerity in her apology,” because there was none. He can not absolve her of her blatant racist actions because he was moved by her tears. Those tears have historically been the weapon used to cause harm, incarceration and death.

Street’s sympathy does not mean that this action placates the offended communities! Those people knew full well what they were doing. This was part of a racist KKK propaganda scheduled for Black History Month.

Prior to the Suffolk County Historical Society’s photo of the week, the Southampton History Museum hosted a viewing and talk about “The Birth of a Nation” and book “The Clansman” to promote white supremacy. Shame on Father Patrick Edwards, president of the Southampton History Museum for attempting to justify the horrific actions of his staff under his watch by referring to it as opening a dialogue. People are not that stupid, Father Edwards! You need to step down too.

These suspensions are a Band-Aid on a cancerous festering wound. They need to do a lot better.

Dr. Pamela Allen

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