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Greg Blass

Greg Blass
Greg has spent his life in public service since he enlisted in the U.S. Navy as a teenager. He is a former Suffolk County Family Court judge, six-term Suffolk County legislator and commissioner of Social Services. Now retired, Greg is active in volunteer work and is a board member of several charities. He lives in Jamesport. Email Greg

Greg Blass American political discourse today: with malice toward all who disagree

Is there room for civil discourse anymore, as ridicule and disrespect take a tighter grip on both sides? Seeing the problem this way may help solve it. Is there any hope for the approach Abe Lincoln prescribed: "with malice toward none?"

Greg Blass Can you stand on one foot for 20 seconds? What balance says about brain health

How well we can balance on one foot is directly connected to our memory, our ability to solve problems, and the overall health of our brain.

Greg Blass Securing our borders is right for America

Opposition to liberal immigration and refugee policies is quickly labeled racist, xenophobic and most especially Islamophobic. We are told that rational concern for our liberty and safety must not impede our commitment to diversity.

Walter shoots back at Blass, defends enforcement action at Wading River Motel

Riverhead Town Supervisor shot back at Suffolk County Social Services Commissioner Greg Blass yesterday for the commissioner's comments in the media about the...
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