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Home Cooking

Last-minute, quick and easy finger-foods for tonight’s big game

Tonight's the big game, but the last thing we want is to spend hours in the kitchen preparing elaborate appetizers, right? Here are two easy recipes that will delight all your favorite football fans.

Arroz con Pollo, Colombian style

This dish finds its roots in the famous Spanish paella, and different versions of it spread throughout Latin America through the centuries.

Zuppe di Pesce, a twist on the Italian traditional Christmas Eve seafood feast

Zuppa di Pesce is a fish ‘soup’ or stew with tomato base and served over or alongside thick crusty bread.

Warm up on a dark, cold winter night with easy slow-cooker beef brisket

Warm up with this tasty brisket recipe for the short cold days of winter. It’s easy to prepare and so tasty your tastebuds will thank you.

Not your mama’s stuffed peppers!

Stuffed peppers — blahhh! Right? Not these!

In the Kitchen Abundance of tomatoes? Make gazpacho

Gazpacho, a cool soup from the south of Spain, is incredibly easy to prepare and a refreshing late-summer dish.

In the Kitchen Roasted sweet corn with flavored butter

Local farm stands are brimming with freshly picked corn. Roasting it brings out its natural sweetness, but you can kick up its taste a notch with some simple of flavored butters.

In the Kitchen Easy roasted zucchini salad

A simple and delicious roasted zucchini salad.

In the Kitchen: Pot roast — the meal that ‘brings you home’ no matter where you eat it

Make some delicious food memories for your family with this pot roast and gravy.

In the Kitchen Time to get your gnocchi on

Time to add gnocchi to your kitchen repertoire. This week Kayleigh shows us how it's done.
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