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Calverton farmer Jeff Rottkamp and farm finance executive Pat Wiles honored by L.I. Farm Bureau

Two longtime members of Long Island's agricultural community were honored by the L.I. Farm Bureau Friday night at the group's 101st gala awards dinner.

Joe Gergela, 66, remembered as passionate advocate for Long Island farmers

"He was the face of Long Island farming." Colleagues and friends remember Joe Gergela as a tireless advocate for farmers and farming on Long Island who fought for survival of the industry with passion and dedication.

History workshop on immigrant experience on the East End set for April 30

Learn more about "The Immigrant Experience on Long Island's East End" during a tour and workshop on Saturday, April 30 from 9 a.m. to 12 noon at Hallockville Museum Farm.

Coping with the pandemic and new ag worker labor standards, local farmers worry state may now lower threshold for overtime pay

Lowering the threshold for time-and-a-half overtime pay below 60 hours a week could devastate local farms already reeling from the effects of the COVID pandemic, local farmers told state lawmakers yesterday.

State lawmakers pass sweeping farm labor legislation

The New York State Legislature yesterday approved sweeping farm labor legislation that would give farmworkers the same employment rights as workers in other industries.

State appellate court rules N.Y. farmworkers have ‘fundamental right’ to unionize

In a 4-1 decision, an Appellate Division panel ruled “unconstitutional as a matter of law” the exclusion of farmworkers in the state labor law provisions granting employees the right to organize and bargain collectively.

Group honors Lyle Wells’ passion for agriculture with offer of $5,000 grant for innovative farmers

“Always one to get ahead of the curve, he was constantly searching for ways to push the envelope with new crops to the area, farming techniques or innovative distribution networks,” the Lyle C. Wells Passion for Agriculture said. A $5,000 grant will be awarded to an existing or new Long Island farmer committed to these causes.

Local farming community grows wary of government shutdown impacts

The potential for the federal government shutdown to disrupt the H2A temporary visa program concerns local farmers. The shutdown is also impacting the ability of farmers to apply for loans, insurance and grants.

Jamesport Farm Brewery planned for Sound Ave. farm growing hops and barley

Riverhead Town’s first farm brewery to grow its own hops and barley is in the works for a farm on Sound Avenue in Jamesport. Jamesport...
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Greg Blass Agriculture is the lifeblood of our economy — and our future

Why all East End residents need to embrace local agriculture, support it and promote it.