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Bits and Pieces

Puppy love: When it happens to older folks, what will the ‘kids’ think?

A senior parent dating after a divorce or death of their spouse isn't always easy for their adult children to handle.

Score one for Facebook: BFFs reunited

A Facebook friend request leads to a reunion of best friends after decades of separation.

Technology: good, bad — and ugly

Technology is a part of almost everyone's daily life and it can be a boon unless it turns against you — which it can suddenly and unexpectedly do. Then it's a lot more of a bust.

A stranger in my own place

I’ve been serving on this altar for many years, and yet, the Padre had to prompt me. I felt off-kilter in a place and situation that under different circumstances I was comfortable and familiar with. I felt like a stranger.

Up and at ’em — move it or lose it

Exercise your way to more energy, reduce stress and maybe lose a few of those additional holiday pounds that have stuck around.

Could the ‘love challenge’ make your holidays happier?

Who hasn't seen some new challenge appear on a social media platform nearly every week? I'm proposing a new one — the 'love challenge". I challenge you to put a little love in your heart this Christmas season. And who knows? It may go viral!

Celia Iannelli The gift of time is the most precious resource of all

Say what you want to say, do what you want to do because waiting for the “perfect time” can easily morph into a lost opportunity.

Celia Iannelli: Way-way-way too much information— parsing the popularity of ‘Trash TV’

Trash TV features bleeped profanity, tales of lurid trysts and regular on-camera fistfights. Why do people go on these talk shows — and why do we watch them?

Celia Iannelli: Just when you think you’re in, you’re out

Sinatra sang, "You're riding high in April, shot down in May" when he performed That's Life. Celia has the answer if that happens to you.