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Black Friday

Going shopping in Riverhead on Black Friday? Here are opening times at local stores

by Nov 23, 2022
Retail stores remain closed on Thanksgiving Day and are no longer opening in the wee hours on Black Friday. Here are opening times at local stores this Black Friday.

Black Friday got off to a quiet start in Riverhead

by Nov 26, 2021
Despite stores being closed on Thanksgiving this year, Black Friday did not draw shoppers out early this morning in Riverhead. The National Retail Federation says consumer habits have been changing over the years and 2020 was a turning point.

Most stores will stay closed on Thanksgiving and open early Black Friday morning

by Nov 24, 2021
Most retail stores in Riverhead will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, and open on Black Friday beginning at 5 a.m.

How COVID-19 changed Black Friday

by Nov 27, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic changed almost everything this year and 'Black Friday,' the biggest shopping day of the year, is no exception.

Riverhead Elks to hold ‘Friday before Black Friday’ sale and spaghetti dinner

by Nov 18, 2016
Avoid the Black Friday mayhem by shopping the "Friday before Black Friday Vendor Sale" at the Riverhead Elks Lodge on Nov. 18.

As Black Friday madness forces businesses to open earlier each year, some stores are pushing back

by Nov 25, 2015
After years of Black Friday madness encroaching further and further on Thanksgiving Day family time, several chain stores are refusing to open their doors until well after Thanksgiving dinner is finished – and some are opening only several hours earlier than usual on Friday November 27.

It’s time for a reset on the holiday season frenzy: for your own health

by Nov 14, 2015
Here comes the “over” season: Overspending overeating, over-partying, over-drinking, over-planning and over-taxing ourselves, physically and emotionally. It all comes with consequences.

Why I shopped on Black Friday — and why I quit

by Nov 30, 2014
Eileen Benthal on her annual Black Friday 'intercessory shopping' excursion, how it became a family tradition and why it came to an end.

Black Friday violence: Man stabbed in fight at Riverhead outlet mall

by Nov 28, 2014
A man was stabbed in a fight at the Lids factory outlet store at a packed shopping mall in Riverhead during the early morning hours of Black Friday.

Retailers, hoping to lure sale-seekers from their holiday tables, opening earlier than ever this Thanksgiving Day

by Nov 27, 2014
National and local retailers will be open around Riverhead this Thanksgiving Day. Here's a rundown of stores that are open — and which ones will stay closed.