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Capital construction

Three additional community meetings set before school district’s Feb. 25 bond vote

The Riverhead school district will air its expansion plans at three additional community meetings before the Feb. 25 bond vote.

School district finalizes capital bond proposal

School officials plan to put two propositions up for a vote in February: an $85.9 million bond for facilities upgrades and expansion and an $8.8 million bond for athletic facilities improvements.

Riverhead school district’s $100 million construction plan continues to spark debate

School and town officials debate responsibility for managing growth in student enrollment.

School district revises schedule for community forums on capital project proposal

The changes come in response to feedback given by community members who attended the Sept. 19 forum and complained that the 5:30 start-time for the upcoming sessions would prevent working people from attending.

Riverhead school facilities need $100 million expansion and upgrade, officials say

The district unveiled a $99.9 million construction bond proposal to expand and improve the district’s current assets.

As summer construction projects are wrapped up, school board readies for district’s new academic year

In the last school board meeting before the start of the new year on Sept. 7, the Riverhead Board of Education discussed several housekeeping items, a new program for students from other countries, and had a somewhat contentious discussion about a controversial topic.