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Class of 2021

Congratulations to the Class of 2021, ‘inspiration’ in a year of adversity

Though the graduation ceremony may have outwardly seemed like any other, it was anything but ordinary, culminsting, as it did, a year of extraordinary challenges. Photos.

Celebrating the Class of 2021 with a parade

Photos: Dozens of cars decked out in blue and white lined up on North Griffing Avenue before parading past the the high school, where they were greeted by cheering family members, teachers and staff.

Blue-and-white lawn signs will celebrate Class of 2021

Lawn signs celebrating Riverhead High School’s seniors are making a return this year for the Class of 2021.

Meet the Class of 2021’s top 20

Riverhead High School has announced the to 20 students in the Class of 2021.

High school PTSO launches ‘Lite Up Riverhead’ campaign to support students

The Riverhead High School Parent Teacher Student Organization is launching a debut “Lite Up Riverhead” luminary campaign to support students who have suffered during the pandemic.

Disconnected, feeling overlooked: high school seniors adrift in a sea of pandemic fatigue

As the pandemic grinds on, Riverhead High School seniors, disconnected from each other and without access to typical extracurricular activities in this year of austerity, are watching their final year of high school slip through their fingers.