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Curtis Sliwa

Rumors, half-truths and lies may grab ratings on talk radio and cable TV, but it’s no way to govern

by May 22, 2023
Riverhead's state of emergency, issued last Tuesday night, is based on rumors, half-truths and lies. That's no way to govern. The order should be rescinded.

Where are the Guardian Angels? After nun says ‘nobody knows they exist,’ Curtis Sliwa explains

by Aug 27, 2015
Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa responds to comments by Sister Margaret Smith last week about the group's lack of visibility in Riverhead.

Downtown businesses say ‘no’ to Guardian Angels, but owners near LIRR station say they’d welcome patrols

by May 21, 2015
The Riverhead BID board is taking a public stance against Guardian Angel patrols, saying they will tarnish Riverhead's image, but owners in the area surrounding the railroad station — where Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa says the group will target — believe their presence will deter crime.

Move to bring Guardian Angels to Riverhead brings backlash from police union, town board and BID

by May 7, 2015
Riverhead officials and the presidents of the town police union and BID say the Guardian Angels are not needed here and will just contribute to an already negative perception of downtown Riverhead.

Guardian Angels set to begin patrolling Riverhead streets by end of this month

by Jan 21, 2015
Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa and Riverhead Town Supervisor Sean Walter both say the group, which has established successful patrols in Greenport, will begin Riverhead patrols by month’s end.

Riverhead officials meet with Guardian Angels founder to discuss local patrols, outreach to Latino community

by Dec 11, 2014
Riverhead Supervisor Sean Walter says some local officials on the East End have their heads in the sand and need to 'wake up and smell the coffee' on the gang issue. The Guardian Angels, 'like community watch on steroids' can provide valuable inroads for communication with Hispanic population, he says.