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Drinking water

Federal environmental agency proposes national drinking water standards for PFAS

The federal Environmental Protection Agency today announced a proposed drinking water standard for PFOA and PFOS of 4 parts per trillion, considered the lowest level at which they can be reliably measured. The proposal is "a game-changer," said environmental activist Adrienne Esposito.

Riverhead slated to receive another $2 million from feds for clean water projects

Congress is expected to pass a spending package this week that includes $2 million for public water extensions for homes in Riverhead serviced by private water wells contaminated by harmful chemicals.

An open letter to Palumbo and Giglio from residents of Manorville: ‘We need your help!’

Residents of Manorville, where many private wells are contaminated with toxic chemicals, are angry that NY State has again denied grant funding for public water to 128 homes near the former Grumman facility in Calverton.

Riverhead Town set to hire environmental law firm to sue PFOS/PFOA manufacturers

he town board is expected to vote Tuesday to retain the firm Sher Edlin LLP of San Francisco, California to sue the manufacturers of the chemical contaminants that have been found in one of the Riverhead Water District’s wells.

New York’s tough new drinking water standards may help local residents without access to public water

With standards now in place in New York for "emerging contaminants," the county health department will have to test homeowners' wells for them and homes where wells exceed the new standards will be eligible for special filtration systems.

Riverhead offered state grant to replace drinking water service lines containing lead

Riverhead has been offered a $627,327 state grant to replace lead drinking water service lines.

Riverhead moving forward with multimillion dollar capital improvement plan for water district

The plan, calling for additional estimated expenditures of more than $15 million over the next 10 years, is seen as a crucial commitment to retaining the Riverhead Water District as an independent public water supplier.

Report explores ‘State of the Aquifer’ – hearing set for Oct. 20 in Riverhead

It lies beneath us and, without thinking much about it, we all rely on it to survive. But what is the state of Long Island's aquifer — the sole source of drinking water for the island’s nearly 8 million residents? Is it polluted or pristine? Abundant or depleted? What can be done to protect it?