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East End Disability Associates

Lawmakers and workers demand living wage, more benefits for workers in special needs programs

State lawmakers and service providers are demanding financial resources to support workers who care for the developmentally disabled, citing staffing shortages they say have reached crisis proportions.

East End Disability Associates to host family advocacy meeting

A family advocacy meeting for clients of East End Disability Associates is scheduled for Oct. 11.

Don’t want it? Don’t wear it? Don’t need it? EEDA will take it

Your unwanted clothing, linens, shoes and bags can make a big difference in the life of a developmentally disabled adult.

Developmentally disabled adults face uncertainty as N.Y. changes Medicaid payments and deep federal cuts loom

“These are two storms colliding.” That's how East End Disability Associates founder and CEO Lisa Meyer Fertal describes the confluence of N.Y. Medicaid reform measures already underway and the deep cuts to Medicaid funding proposed in Congress.