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Controversial north shore helicopter route gets four-year extension by FAA

In ruling to extend the route just one week before it was set to expire, the FAA cited unresolved questions about the future of East Hampton Airport.

East End officials to FAA: Hold a public hearing on north shore helicopter route

East End elected officials came together yesterday in a show of unity to demand a local public hearing on the north shore helicopter route. The FAA says its "workshops" were "a format is consistent with the purpose of the directive" in Rep. Lee Zeldin's statute and that's all local residents are going to get.

Zeldin gets measure passed requiring FAA to hold public hearing, take comment on north shore helicopter route

An amendment sponsored by NY-1 Rep. Lee Zeldin to the FAA reauthorization bill requires the agency to hold a public hearing in affected communities and accept public comment before acting on the north shore helicopter route.

FAA dismisses Southold’s petition to change North Shore Route for helicopters

The Federal Aviation Administration has dismissed Southold Town’s petition asking the agency to require East End-bound helicopters to use the FAA-established South Shore Route.

Riverhead stands with Southold as it asks FAA to reconsider extension of north shore helicopter route

Southold Town is petitioning the Federal Aviation Administration to reconsider its prior rulemaking extending the north shore helicopter route and reopen the docket for public comment.

FAA swings back, says local officials ‘misrepresented’ what they were told

Relations between local officials and the Federal Aviation Administration, at odds for several years over helicopter flight paths, grew even more turbulent after the two town supervisors on the North Fork yesterday accused federal regulators —and U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer — of being less than forthright.

After meeting with FAA, Zeldin and local officials blame Schumer for lack of progress on helicopter noise

Rep. Lee Zeldin, and local officials said FAA representatives told them today they extended the shore helicopter route for four years with no public notice or comment period because of "political pressure."

Zeldin calls for resignation or removal of FAA head unless he reconsiders north shore helicopter route extension

Ignoring repeated communications from members of Congress and taxpayers, "the FAA has chosen to go radio silent and release this directive in secret as if the American public is the enemy," Rep. Lee Zeldin said.
Helicopter flies over a farm field on the North Fork. (Photo: Peter Blasl)

Zeldin: Establish ‘rotating’ access points over land and enforce minimum altitudes for helicopters

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-Shirley) calls on FAA to establish "rotating" access points over north shore and enforce minimum altitude rules for helicopters before start of summer season on the East End.