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Family life

Glorious, perfect solitude: Dream on

by Nov 19, 2017
Have you turned into a person who makes plans with people and then secretly hopes they will cancel?

Laurie Nigro Sometimes car-time is your only me-time

by Sep 24, 2017
I am often giddy with the possibilities of this me-time. What to do? I could listen to the news. As enticing, if not more so, is the option of listening to music. My music. Just mine.

Laurie Nigro And we’re off! That didn’t take long, did it? Lazy summer days already a hazy memory

by Sep 10, 2017
So far, I've not eaten my kids (yay me!) but I can't guarantee it won't ever happen. High school isn't over for a lot more years.

Laurie Nigro In this adventure called life, finding the right tribe means everything

by Sep 3, 2017
I’m a tremendously blessed woman. And that's what I chose to take away from this summer, flying bags of flaming dog crap and all.

Laurie Nigro Who knew an unwelcome summer illness could be so eye-opening?

by Aug 27, 2017
The kids rose up like phoenixes from the ashes of mom-sickness to take care of Mom, themselves and the whole house. They even kept the animals alive. All of them!

Laurie Nigro: Can’t retailers let us have a little bit of summer before back-to-school ads begin?

by Jul 9, 2017
Back-to-school circulars arrive before the Fourth of July and by August, stores have Halloween costumes and even Christmas decorations on display.

Laurie Nigro: Backyard blackberry brambles and mugwort: fun in the garden (not)

by Jul 2, 2017
Wrestling with thorny berry brambles and mugwort in the garden is not Laurie's idea of fun.

Laurie Nigro: I’ve checked yes on every box of the ‘Are you a crazy animal lady?’ questionnaire

by Jun 11, 2017
Becoming a crazy animal lady just snuck up on me – I should have seen the signs.

Summer showdown: Bugs 1, Me 0

by Jun 4, 2017
There's no possible positive outcome to sharing your shower with a spider.

Laurie Nigro: Calm in the face of ‘calamity’? Not!

by May 28, 2017
Life throws unexpected circumstances our way. Even in the kitchen. It's how we respond to them that matters.