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Gun violence

Schumer calls for federal regulation of body armor

The purchase of “body armor” by most civilians should require clearance by the FBI, according to Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY), who announced yesterday he will introduce legislation that would require FBI permission before most civilians can acquire advanced body armor.

Zeldin on gun control: a ‘flawed system’ that Democrat-sponsored bills won’t fix

The NY-1 representative's record on gun control measures has earned him top ratings and funding from gun advocacy groups, including the NRA. Here's a rundown on his positions.

This is the real ‘American carnage’

Americans are armed to the teeth. Hate flows through the veins of some of us. Mental illness affects others. The combination of weapons, hate and depravity is deadly. The resulting lawlessness is terrifying. This is the real “American carnage.”

Locals join March for Our Lives rallies

Local residents joined thousands of people across the country and around the world yesterday to protest gun violence and demand gun control legislative reform.

‘Will it happen to me, Mommy?’ Parenting in the age of school shootings

Even as we grapple with our own emotions in reaction to the latest mass shooting at a school, as parents we also have to figure out how best to answer our children's questions— questions that have no good answers. Column by Maria Piedrabuena

Enough is enough with the NRA’s agenda

Opinion column: The NRA-driven agenda has made weapons of war easily accessible, absurdly available in astounding numbers and irresponsibly unregulated. An open letter to Rep. Lee Zeldin.