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Johanna Benthal

Art with a purpose: inspiration and hope

Johanna’s artwork, her singing, sharing and songs all have the same purpose —to inspire hope — for a special young lady recovering from brain surgeries and for all of us who are searching for purpose in the struggles.

Faith, however small, can move mountains

I take that mustard seed of faith, expecting the Lord to give me grace at the beginning of the next day, so I can take the next right step to move mountains.

In an extended hospital stay, advocacy is essential — and exhausting

Advocacy expands our view of what we thought was possible to include what we once thought was impossible, giving us strength for the journey.

In this marathon called life, keep your eye on the finish line

As runners passed us by, we stayed our course. Sometimes I felt that familiar feeling of not moving fast enough as runners passed. It was a mental exercise as well as physical just to stay focused on the goal to enjoy the walk and make it to the finish line.

When you can’t find hope, hope finds you

Hope is much more than wishful thinking or threadbare optimism.

Freedom and independence in a morning ‘cup of joe’

We declare respect for human life and liberty when we protect and support others in their independent pursuits of happiness — wherever they find them — whether moving through the community in a wheelchair or telling their stories in front of crowds of people or in that first cup of coffee made with unsteady hands.

The struggle — and hope — of starting over

Everyone gets a chance to start over in little and big things in life. It’s hard for sure. These times are often called setbacks. I prefer to see these times as opportunities for new growth.

Appreciating life’s ‘ordinary miracles’

Johanna Benthal is writing a book about how to change perspective and see miracles in everyday life — “ordinary miracles.”

With help from Kait’s Angels, young woman with rare brain disease can afford specially adapted bike

A fundraising effort by the local nonprofit Kait's Angels has made it possible for the family of Johanna Benthal to buy a special Surrey bike, giving the 20-year-old North Fork woman with physical disabilities the chance to safely exercise.

Jamesport family raising money to get special needs daughter adapted bike

Johanna Benthal has always loved spending time outdoors. But her brain injury makes it difficult for her to exercise for very long, and her family has long struggled to find ways to get her outside and moving around.
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