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Latino community

Spanish speakers ask school district for translation services at meetings and events

by Feb 8, 2024
Spanish-speaking community members are calling on the Riverhead Board of Education to provide translation services at school board meetings and other meetings.

Aquebogue attorney under fire for lawn signs bidding Riverhead’s Latina supervisor ‘adios’

by Nov 10, 2021
Aquebogue attorney Ron Hariri has come under fire for comments he's made referencing the town supervisor's ethnicity and for signs posted outside a building he recently renovated for a satellite office, declaring “Adios, Aguiar.”

Opponents blast Riverhead’s proposed housing code changes as discriminatory against immigrants

by Aug 19, 2021
A proposal to amend the rental housing permit code drew a crowd to a town board public hearing Tuesday night, where more than two dozen speakers objected to the revisions, which they said would discriminate against immigrants, low-income workers, the disabled, and other people who depend on shared housing.

Here’s what it feels like to be Latino on Long Island right now

by Aug 26, 2018
Latino immigrants and U.S.-born citizens of Latino heritage live in a state of anxiety today. Column by Maria Piedrabuena

ICE arrests stoke fear on North Fork

by Apr 27, 2018
The North Fork Latino community is reeling following a series of arrests by ICE agents during the last two weeks, prompting an outcry from local residents over what immigrant advocates and residents call a “very fearful time.”

Estafas telefónicas se enfocan en residentes Latinos; la policía urge a las víctimas que reporten los crímenes

by Aug 21, 2017
Estafadores se han centrado en la población latina de la zona en un nuevo tipo de estafa telefónica donde varios individuos se presentan como abogados o títulos similares y exigen que se les hagan pagos a través de códigos de tarjeta de regalo y transferencias electrónicas.

A first for Flanders, Riverside and Northampton Community Association: a Latina director

by Apr 12, 2017
The Flanders, Northampton and Riverside Community Association elected its first-ever Latina to its board of directors this week, an expression of an outreach effort to diversify the organization in keeping with the demographics of the community it serves.

“A Day Without Immigrants:” Local businesses and workers strike today

by Feb 16, 2017
Local immigrants and supporters will participate in a national strike today as a way to peacefully protest the current anti-immigrant rhetoric, as well as a way to demonstrate the impact immigrants have on the local economy and society on a daily basis.

Despite fears of backlash in Latino community, few reported incidents across the North Fork after the election

by Nov 17, 2016
The tenor of political dialogue in the months leading up to last week’s presidential election led many members of minority groups — particularly Latinos — to fear a possible backlash in the wake of the President-elect Donald Trump’s victory.

Latino students find belonging, friendship and opportunity in new Hispanic Leadership Club at RHS

by May 26, 2016
The Hispanic Youth Leadership Club is a place where Latino students can be themselves and an opportunity for them to make a positive difference in the Riverhead community.