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Luminati Aerospace

Civic coalitions to urge ‘lame duck’ town board to delay action on EPCAL sale

Civic activists are planning to converge on town hall to protest a town board resolution setting a hearing date on the proposed sale of more than 1,640 acres of land inside the Calverton Enterprise Park.

Luminati will have till at least Nov. 30 to culminate April letter of intent for EPCAL; Catsimatidis still not committed to...

Nearly four months after announcing he was "highly interested" in the Luminati deal at EPCAL, NYC billionaire John Catsimatidis says he's still negotiating with the Calverton aerospace startup. Town officials now say Luminati Aerospace will have until at least month's end to come to terms with the town on a purchase agreement, following a letter of intent signed by both sides in early April.

Riverhead’s negotiations with Luminati Aerospace grind on

Contract terms are still being hammered out, Riverhead Town Supervisor Sean Walter said Thursday.

Catsimatidis still pursuing Luminati EPCAL deal, according to his spokesperson

The billionaire businessman's representative was critical of the town's slow pace and negotiating posture.

Walter pitches EPCAL plans — and Luminati deal backed by Catsimatidis — to regional business group in Ronkonkoma

Supervisor Sean Walter took his EPCAL show on the road today, speaking to a business organization's breakfast meeting in Ronkonkoma this morning.

Town board majority now favors pulling the plug on Luminati deal

Council members Tim Hubbard, Jodi Giglio and John Dunleavy say the town should cancel the letter of intent Riverhead Town signed with Luminati Aerospace in April.

Luminati CEO was fired for alleged fraud in 2009 by former aerospace company he founded, according to lawsuit

Daniel Preston, who founded Luminati Aerospace in 2015 and is looking to buy the Town of Riverhead's land in the Calverton Enterprise Park, was fired by the previous aerospace company he founded in 2001 after he sold a controlling interest in the company to investors.

Democratic candidates call for ‘independent investigation’ of Riverhead’s proposed land deal with Luminati

At a press conference this morning at the Calverton Enterprise Park, Laura Jens-Smith accused Sean Walter of keeping information about the Luminati deal from the public and even from his fellow town board members.

Luminati lacks permits, COs at EPCAL; town issued stop-work order in December

Luminati Aerospace has been using and occupying both its facilities at EPCAL without the required town permits, according to town building department records obtained through a Freedom of Information Law request.
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Riverhead revises rules for sale of land at enterprise park

Riverhead has a new set of rules to follow for determining whether a prospective purchaser of land at the Calverton Enterprise Park is “qualified and eligible” under New York State General Municipal Law.