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Irate Manorville resident with polluted well demands action from town

"Love the color? Want some?" Irate Manorville resident Clare Bennett sprayed discolored tap water from her home in air at the town board meeting July 7. She demanded action to bring public water to an area south of the former Grumman site where private wells are contaminated with a host of chemicals.

Suffolk County Water Authority to Navy: We’re ‘ready, willing and able’ to serve homes south of former Grumman site affected by...

The head of the Suffolk County Water Authority wrote to the Secretary of the Navy today offering to provide public water to the homes in Manorville and Calverton south of the former Grumman site, where toxic chemical contaminants have been detected in private residential wells.

County testing finds PFOS/PFOA in private wells south of former Grumman facility in Calverton

Testing by the Suffolk County Department of Heath Services found PFOS, PFOA and a host of other contaminants in drinking water wells in Manorville south of the former Grumman facility.

Schumer demands Navy act quickly to bring public water to homes near the former Grumman site in Calverton

Sen. Chuck Schumer is urging the U.S. Navy to immediately develop a plan to connect homes near the former Grumman site in Calverton to public water and to expand its area of investigation for groundwater contamination near the site.

Manorville man charged with murder

A Manorville man has been charged with murder in the strangulation death of a woman whose body was found in a wooded area east of Winding Path in Manorville on July 30.

Navy to conduct additional testing for PFAS groundwater contamination at former Grumman manufacturing site in Calverton

After finding per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) at the former Grumman site in Calverton, the Navy will conduct further testing, over the next two years, to determine the extent of PFAS groundwater contamination there.

New York’s tough new drinking water standards may help local residents without access to public water

With standards now in place in New York for "emerging contaminants," the county health department will have to test homeowners' wells for them and homes where wells exceed the new standards will be eligible for special filtration systems.

Woman found dead in Manorville woods

Suffolk Police homicide squad detectives are investigating the death of a woman whose body was found by a jogger in a wooded area just off Winding Path in Manorville yesterday morning. Police ask anyone with information to call detectives at 631-852-6392.

Wild fire burns Manorville woods

Several area fire departments battled a brush fire in Manorville and Ridge this afternoon.

Water wars: Town pulls trigger on water district extension for Manorville in effort to keep water authority out of Riverhead

After years of request for public water by Manorville residents, the town board last night took the first step to provide the service, after learning the SCWA is now exploring bringing water to the area.