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New York State Department of Environmental conservation

Analysis: Town’s lawsuit over Calverton sand mine grinds on, despite N.Y. high court decision last year that seemed to end the...

by Jan 29, 2024
Somewhere inside the Suffolk Supreme Court in Riverhead, a judge has a pounding headache. And it’s not about to go away anytime soon. Here's why.

New York reduces minimum size and harvest of black sea bass and scup this season

by May 3, 2023
The minimum size for black sea bass keepers is now 16.5 inches. From June 23 to Aug. 31, recreational anglers are allowed to possess no more than three black sea bass per day. Scup minimums are now 9.5 inches from shore and 10.5 inches from vessels.

Groundwater pollution at closed Riverhead landfill is 10x state limit, investigation finds

by Sep 21, 2021
Chemical contaminants known to have a wide range of health risks have been detected at the Riverhead landfill site on Youngs Avenue at levels up to more than 10 times the state drinking water standard, prompting an investigation by environmental and health officials into potential contamination of nearby private wells.

As board votes to authorize lawsuit that’s already been filed, deputy town attorney says it’s not necessary

by Apr 14, 2021
The town board voted unanimously last Tuesday to authorize a lawsuit commenced three weeks earlier on its behalf by an outside law firm — after deputy town attorney Ann Marie Prudenti spent about 20 minutes explaining why it wasn't really necessary.

Riverhead hauls DEC into court over Calverton mine expansion

by Feb 5, 2021
Charging the State Department of Environmental Conservation with flagrant violations of the state law, Riverhead Town is asking a court to nullify the agency's decision against an in-depth environmental review for the expansion of a Calverton mine to a depth 89 feet below groundwater.

Wild turkeys: Wonder of nature or annoying pest?

by May 3, 2020
Benjamin Franklin preferred this native American bird over the Bald Eagle for the centerpiece of the Great Seal of the United States. As the wild turkey population has rebounded from virtual extinction to about 6,000 on Long Island, not all residents would agree with the Founding Father's assessment.

Riverhead Town will release documents submitted to State DEC for EPCAL permit

by Apr 20, 2020
Riverhead Town will release documents submitted to the State Department of Environmental Conservation in connection with the town’s Wild Scenic and Recreational...