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Our pets rule, influencing lifestyle and housing choices across generations

Pet ownership is on the rise, with millennials more likely to have pets than any other demographic — and making pet-centered lifestyle, renting and home-buying choices.

It’s a dog’s life…and a cat’s life…and more at our house

Can't get enough of those furry friends? You have a million things to get done but spend your time looking at the dog memes on every one of your too-many social media accounts?
2031 1027 puppies

Dog and cat adopt-a-thon set for April 29

Pets bring comfort, companionship and fun to a home. If you're looking for a new furry friend, you won't want to miss this adoption event.

A blizzard, two kids, three dogs, two cats, seven chickens, a pig and a fish: Where’s the corkscrew?

When the snow just won't stop falling, Laurie Nigro's 'island of misfit animals' becomes a challenge only a bottle of red wine can help her meet.