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Federal environmental agency proposes national drinking water standards for PFAS

by Mar 14, 2023
The federal Environmental Protection Agency today announced a proposed drinking water standard for PFOA and PFOS of 4 parts per trillion, considered the lowest level at which they can be reliably measured. The proposal is "a game-changer," said environmental activist Adrienne Esposito.

Federal environmental agency issues major changes to health advisories for PFAS chemicals in drinking water

by Jun 17, 2022
The new lifetime health advisory levels are lower than the maximum levels set by New York State in 2020 and lower than what can currently be detected by testing technologies.

Groundwater pollution at closed Riverhead landfill is 10x state limit, investigation finds

by Sep 21, 2021
Chemical contaminants known to have a wide range of health risks have been detected at the Riverhead landfill site on Youngs Avenue at levels up to more than 10 times the state drinking water standard, prompting an investigation by environmental and health officials into potential contamination of nearby private wells.

State grants Riverhead deferral for compliance with strict new drinking water standards

by Mar 23, 2021
The deferral, effective until August 2022, allows the Riverhead Water District additional time to comply with drinking water standards for certain "emerging contaminants" adopted by the state last year.

Riverhead hires law firm to sue chemical manufacturers for drinking water contamination

by Nov 19, 2020
Riverhead moved forward with hiring an environmental law firm based in San Francisco, California to sue manufacturers of chemical contaminants detected in one of its public water supply wells.

Riverhead Town set to hire environmental law firm to sue PFOS/PFOA manufacturers

by Oct 16, 2020
he town board is expected to vote Tuesday to retain the firm Sher Edlin LLP of San Francisco, California to sue the manufacturers of the chemical contaminants that have been found in one of the Riverhead Water District’s wells.